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Medium Paper

Medium paper, also known as medium fluting, is a type of paperboard that forms the fluted layer in corrugated board. It is an essential component of corrugated packaging, providing strength, cushioning, and structural integrity. Here is some information about medium paper:
  1. Composition: Medium paper is typically made from recycled fibers, such as waste paper or cardboard. The fibers are processed and formed into a wavy or fluted pattern, which gives medium paper its distinctive corrugated structure.
  2. Fluting: Medium paper is characterized by its fluted or wavy pattern, which is created by passing the paper through corrugating machines. This fluted structure provides rigidity and strength to the corrugated board, making it suitable for protecting and packaging various goods.
  3. Thickness and Weight: Medium paper is available in different thicknesses and weights, typically ranging from lightweight to heavyweight options. The thickness is measured in terms of the paper’s weight, which is expressed in grams per square meter (gsm) or pounds (lb).
  4. Strength and Cushioning: Medium paper provides structural strength to corrugated board, enabling it to withstand stacking, compression, and transportation. It also offers cushioning properties, helping to protect the packaged goods from shocks, impacts, and vibrations during handling and shipping.
  5. Printability: Medium paper can be printed on using various printing techniques, such as flexographic or offset printing. However, it is worth noting that the fluted texture of medium paper may affect the print quality and result in a textured appearance.
  6. Corrugated Packaging: Medium paper is an integral component of corrugated board, which is widely used in the packaging industry. Corrugated board consists of multiple layers, including a linerboard (typically made of Kraftliner or testliner) for the outer layers and medium paper for the fluted layer. This combination provides strength, cushioning, and protection for various goods during shipping and storage.
  7. Environmental Considerations: Medium paper is often made from recycled fibers, contributing to the sustainability and circularity of the packaging industry. Additionally, medium paper is recyclable, allowing it to be reused and repurposed for new paper products.
Medium paper plays a crucial role in the production of corrugated packaging, providing structural integrity and protection to the packaged goods. Its fluted structure, combined with other components of corrugated board, ensures the strength, cushioning, and resilience required for various packaging applications in industries such as e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and logistics.